Freelance Finance 101

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Freelance Finance 101

Table of Contents

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Why Freelance Finance 101?

Hi, I'm Hiroko 👋🏼 I left my corporate job at a tech startup last year to work as a freelance Content Strategist and Technical Instructor.

As a proud owner of a ✨brand-new LLC✨, I spent hundreds of hours researching how to create a financially healthy freelance business from scratch. I made few good choices, and plenty of bad ones.

There were many pitfalls I could've avoided had someone been able to warn me 😱 I want to be that someone for you!

I've had many amazing supporters who helped me network and start my freelancing career. But freelance financial literacy was not something I could find much transparency about 🥺 Truth be told, I didn't even know what questions to even ask!

I'm writing Freelance Finance 101: an ebook for side hustlers with at least $500/mo income and freelancers looking to leave their full-time jobs 💰 (Aspiring to be one of these people? Grab a copy anyways!)

In Freelance Finance 101, I'm going to help you demystify:

  • Self-Employment Structures

  • Banking Dos and Don'ts

  • Self-Employment Retirement Options

  • Self-Employment Health Insurance

  • Transferring your corporate 401k or HSA to your own account

  • Freelance Bookkeeping

  • Self-Employment Taxes

  • How to Set Rates

  • And more! 💰

With Freelance Finance 101 ebook, I will save you hundreds of hours of time and costly financial mistakes as you set up your small business. After all, your business should serve you, not the other way around!

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: The Decision to Freelance

  • Chapter 2: Thinking Like a Business Owner

  • Schedule time to work ON the business, not just IN the business

  • Embrace Discomfort

  • Find Opportunities for Passive Income

  • Think about Scaling your Business

  • Outsource for Expertise

  • Chapter 3: Initial Startup Funds

  • How much should it cost to start my small business?

  • Your Business’s Financial Fitness

  • Value-Based Purchases

  • Chapter 4: Transfer your 401(k) and HSA

  • Rollover IRA: Transfer your 401(k) to an IRA

  • HSA Rollover: Move your HSA

  • Chapter 5: Health Insurance options for Self-Employment

  • Recent Changes in Health Insurance

  • Health Insurance Options

  • Chapter 6: Self-Employment Structures

  • Sole Proprietorship

  • Partnership

  • Corporation

  • S Corporation

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)

  • Chapter 7: Which Corporate Structure should I choose?

  • Sole Proprietor or LLC?

  • LLC or Corporation?

  • Your Business, Your Choice!

  • Do it yourself, or have someone do it for you!

  • Chapter 8: Creating and managing Business Bank Accounts

  • Thinking About Money

  • The Order of Operations

  • Starting Out

  • Business Checking Account

  • Chapter 9: Bookkeeping: No Way Around It

  • What is “Bookkeeping”?

  • Bookkeeping Options

  • Chapter 10: Retirement options for the Self-Employed

  • Roth or Traditional IRA

  • One-Participant 401(k)



  • Solo 401(k) vs SEP IRA vs SIMPLE IRA

  • Chapter11: Accounting Principle: Pay Yourself First

  • Take Profit First!

  • Set up an Accounting System that Works

  • Chapter 12: Getting Paid

  • Payment Methods and Applications

  • Make Your Life Easier!

  • Word of Caution

  • Chapter 13: Taxes as a Freelancer

  • Estimated Quarterly Taxes

  • Self-Employment Tax

  • Tax Forms

  • Getting your Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TIN)

  • Chapter 14: Pricing Yourself as a Freelancer

  • No Right Answer; but plenty of Wrong Answers

  • The Logistics of Self-Employment

  • The Value-Based Pricing

  • What do you WANT to be making?

Hiroko Nishimura

Hiroko Nishimura is a freelance Content Strategist and Technical Instructor, teaching at LinkedIn Learning and She founded awsnewbies in 2018.

In her past lives, she was a Special Education Teacher and Systems Administrator at a Tech Startup in NYC. She blogs at

Thank you!

I look forward to sharing my ebook and other freelance finance 101 resources with you! 😄